Any time means no time

Any time means no time.This proverb means that when an event is not decided on or planned earlier it will never take place.
I think it is suitable to lazy students,because I have saw that many students can not finish their assignment on time,I think the cause of this things is that they always say ''next time'' ''tomorrow'' or any other excuses.They never decide or plan there events,so their events never take place.
In my way to think this proverb is :if you want to do things please do now,if you just think and with no action it is equal to zero.
Our lifetime looks like very long, but now I don't think so.I'm very happy during my past few years,I have got many laugh and happy times,but I didn't got many knowledge and useful experiences.So from now on,I will try to get many knowledge and other things.I don't want to say sorry to my father in the future.
Compere Any time means no time with Time is money,I prefer second one.I will become a business man in the future ,so I must take more care of my lifetime and earn much money.Even though I know I have a long time but I also know the time is running out...I will try to plan and decide my events.Time is enough but action is not enough!!